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Air Liquide offers a range of safe and reliable gas solutions for craftsmen   

Air Liquide offers a range of safe and reliable gas solutions for craftsmen of many trades. If you are a welder, a home brewer or an entertainer, our convenient, accessible and easy-to-use gas solutions will meet your needs. We supply a variety of pure gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium for a range of applications, as well as specialised gas mixtures for trades like welding and brewing. Whether you are a hobbyist, an artist or an independent business-owner, we can provide you with the quantity of gas you need, along with related equipment. Air Liquide offers a range of safe and reliable gas solutions for craftsmen and light professionals that make our solutions easy to choose, easy to buy and easy to use. We make your life easier with our various range of portable gas cylinders.

Craftsmen Value Chain Steps


Air Liquide offers many supply options for professionals working in welding and related applications. Whether you are starting your welding career or you operate a mobile welding business, our products are suited to your welding needs.

Hobby welding

Air Liquide's product line for Arc Welding is an easy to use solution for hobbyists. With an integrated pressure regulator, simple on/off controls, content gauge and quick customer connect, hobbyists can focus on the job ahead.

Mobile welding services

Mobile welding providers serve commercial and residential customers who need their welding equipment or expertise.


Air Liquide is dedicated to providing safe and reliable gases, equipment and services to craft brewers. Our complete offer for brewery applications includes gases and related equipment, as well as a range of technical support services. The gases we supply to the food and beverage industry are produced in facilities that have achieved the FSSC 22000, an internationally recognised standard for food safety systems benchmarked within the Global Food Safety Initiative umbrella.


When beer goes through the brewing process, the end product may not have the intended carbonation essential to craft beers. To reach optimum levels, carbon dioxide may need to be added to help maintain the necessary flavours and foam that make craft beers so unique. Our experts assist in providing just enough carbon dioxide to the brewing process to maintain the proper carbonation. Additionally, our beverage industry experts will provide support for process designs, equipment installation, start-up support and technical support for process optimisation.



Air Liquide supplies a range of gas handling equipment for industrial and specialty gases such as regulators, dual check air monitors and more.

Why Choose Us?

  • Safety and technological expertise
    Rely on us to provide safe and reliable guidance for selecting the right products and services for your needs.

  • Innovation
    Our new technologies simplify your process and make your operations easier to manage.

  • Simplicity
    Intuitive products that are easy to transport, ready to use and easily accessible.