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SA-industrial-Carbon Dioxide

Anticipating industry’s diverse needs

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) serves a variety of key applications across industries. In its solid state (-78°C), carbon dioxide – also known as dry ice – is a cold source that can be used as a cryogenic fluid for processes such as tissue conservation deep-freezing and fire extinction, as it is non-combustible. Carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by chemical and oil and gas operations can be captured and purified for use in many industries and applications.



Carbon dioxide is available as a component in many gas mixtures, including two-component, three-component and multi-component gas mixtures used in the automotive industry. Carbon dioxide in nitrogen is used as span gas calibration mixtures in engine emission testing. They are ISO 17025-accredited and Part 86-compliant.


Food and Beverage

Air Liquide supplies carbon dioxide to customers in the food and beverage industries for a range of applications, including carbonation. Beverage-grade liquid carbon dioxide is a key ingredient in carbonated beverages such as sodas, beer and wine. The food industry employs carbon dioxide for food processing applications such as chilling and freezing, modified atmosphere packaging and temperature control for products being stored and transported. Air Liquide's carbon dioxide production facilities serving the food and beverage industry have achieved the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), an internationally recognised standard for food safety.


Metal Fabrication

In the metal fabrication industry, carbon dioxide is widely used as a shielding gas in the semi-automatic welding process.


Water Treatment

In many industries, carbon dioxide is used for water treatment applications such as pH reduction to neutralise process and waste water streams.


Oil and Gas

In the upstream oil and gas industry, carbon dioxide is used in well service applications such as hydraulic fracturing and in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications, such as miscible oil displacement.


High-purity carbon dioxide for research and industry

Air Liquide offers carbon dioxide as a pure specialty gas available in three grades. ALPHAGAZ™ Supercritical Grade Chromatography (SFC) carbon dioxide is carefully manufactured to minimise the critical impurities that influence SFC performance. SFC grade carbon dioxide has 99.995% purity. ALPHAGAZ Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) grade carbon dioxide is offered at 99.997% purity, which is perfect for use when extracting components. ALPHAGAZ 1 grade carbon dioxide, with 99.99% purity, is engineered for other laboratory applications.


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol gases and are instrumental in helping you avoid non-compliance fines and downtime caused by inaccurate instrument calibration. Air Liquide’s specialty gas manufacturing facilities are registered participants of EPA’s Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP).

Protocol standards are dual-analysed and for each reactive component, two separate analyses are performed directly against metrology institute standards to determine their concentrations. Certificates of Accuracy are provided with each cylinder. In addition, carbon dioxide is offered as part of multi-component EPA protocols to meet any specification.



Carbon dioxide gas mixtures manufactured as Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Daily Standards are used in applications where the use of EPA protocol gases are not required. Zero blend tolerance is available as a result of our proprietary ACUBLEND™ technology. As a result, multiple cylinders exhibiting identical concentrations may be ordered, minimising the need to recalibrate each time you change out a cylinder. These mixtures are available in two-component and multi-component variation.

Related Supply Modes and Services

Carbon dioxide is available in bulk, single cylinders or multi-cylinder packs and liquid dewars. We offer compressed carbon dioxide gas and liquid carbon dioxide in a variety of purities, concentrations and volumes. Air Liquide offers a wide range of services to try and meet each customer's needs.