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Air Liquide’s VENTOXAL™ oxygen injection solution provides high transfer efficiency for optimum waste water treatment, helping reduce your costs.

Product overview

Pure oxygen and oxygen enrichment are well-established approaches to biological treatment for municipal or industrial effluent. Easily implemented oxygen enrichment, which combines air and oxygen, provides the advantages of oxygen in terms of capital, operating costs and process characteristics. VENTOXAL™, Air Liquide’s oxygen injection solution for oxygen enrichment in water treatment plants, has a high transfer efficiency and can help reduce operational costs.

Air Liquide has drawn on its many years of experience in the water treatment industry to design VENTOXAL™ systems that meet diverse needs in many industries. Our experts will work closely with you to determine oxygen consumption requirements for unique configurations. VENTOXAL™ can be adapted to shallow basins or lagoons where additional emersion systems cannot be installed.


Only oxygen provides the benefits of respiration to aerobic bacteria. When air is used for wastewater treatment, nitrogen competes with the oxygen for solubility in the water. Compared to air-based transfer devices, high-purity oxygen injection systems have the advantage of starting off with 100% oxygen in contrast to air, which is comprised of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen.

VENTOXAL™, a 100% oxygen injection solution, enables the aeration basin and aerobic bacteria to handle higher organic loads than existing air-based systems. The elimination or reduction of the nitrogen significantly reduces the stripping of volatile organic and odorous compounds from the water, as well as foaming tendencies.

Supply Modes and Services

A reliable supply of high-purity oxygen is at the heart of our VENTOXAL™ solution. We supply high-pure oxygen in bulk volumes based on your requirements.


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