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OXY INJECTOR-VENTOXAL is suitable for treating varying levels of pollution thanks to its significant injection capability. It is more specifically designed for deep basins (typically more than 6 meters in depth).

In the compact version, all the oxygenation and mixing components are cleverly mounted on a frame. The unit is installed at the bottom of the basin. In the far-reaching external pump version, the recirculation of the wastewater can be provided either by a submersed pump (powered by a motor mounted above the water) or by a land waste pump. For this comprehensive option, the gas-liquid contractor is outside of the basin.

A single piece of equipment can inject up to 240kg/h O2 per unit. Conveniently, multiple OXY INJECTOR-VENTOXAL systems can be installed to meet the need for dissolved oxygen. The power control and gas cabinets are installed close to the basins, while the quantities of oxygen transferred can be optimized by Air Liquide’s experts with a control system based on dissolved oxygen or redox potential monitoring. In regards to safety conditions, an emergency stop as well as clogging and overheating detection are standard features on the device.

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