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Air Liquide supplies industrial gases in micro bulk and bulk volumes for medium to large customers. Air Liquide manufactures oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and many other gases in large-scale production facilities throughout South Africa and delivers them to customers. Our expertise extends to the installation, maintenance and monitoring of liquefied gas storage systems. We offer safe and reliable bulk and micro bulk supply systems in a range of sizes and flow capacities to meet the needs of many industries.

Air Liquide MICROBULK incorporates a two or three thousand litre cryogenic argon storage vessel, a CO2 manifold and Air Liquide’s Dynamic Onsite Mixer with the option of Telemetry. The facility occupies less than 5.0 m2 in terms of footprint and is fully enclosed in a stainless steel cage for optimal safety. It is inexpensive to operate and install, it consumes minimal power and is mounted on a skid base, which means it requires no civil works for deployment. 

For welding purposes, through the DYNAMIC ON-SITE MIXER Air Liquide can supply up to three different ArcalTM Gases simultaneously, with a capability of supporting up to twenty seven welders. Replenishment of the high purity argon takes place onsite via a dedicated road tanker allowing the end user to continue with production without the need for downtime.