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Air Liquide's liquid nitrogen concrete cooling technology.

Used for mass concrete pours in need of cooling such as caps, columns, bridges, decks and power plant foundations, Air Liquide's CryoCrete™ handles the most demanding pour temperature specifications and cooling requirements for your concrete in the hottest weather conditions.

CryoCreteTM liquid nitrogen concrete cooling benefits:

  • Has shown no adverse impact on slump, air content, set time or density
  • Eliminates need for ice or chilled water
  • Allows for flexible and accurate temperature adjustment with greater and more rapid cooling as compared to ice or chilled water
  • More uniform and cost-effective results as compared to ice or chilled water

Air Liquide will install the CryoCreteTM nitrogen injection system, as well as the related liquid nitrogen tank and pressure control equipment. We provide operational inspections of the liquid nitrogen injection units and training to help ensure safe, proper and efficient operation.