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Industrial gas delivery and storage solutions

Air Liquide supplies industrial gases in micro bulk and bulk volumes for medium to large customers. Air Liquide manufactures oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and many other gases in large-scale production facilities throughout South Africa and delivers them to customers. Our expertise extends to the installation, maintenance and monitoring of liquefied gas storage systems. We offer safe and reliable bulk and micro bulk supply systems in a range of sizes and flow capacities to meet the needs of many industries.


If your operations require a steady flow of industrial grade carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon or oxygen in volumes exceeding 2000Nm3 per month, Air Liquide's bulk distribution and storage solutions will meet your needs. Products will be delivered in bulk and off-loaded into cryogenic storage tanks at your facility. Our service teams will continuously monitor the levels of your storage tanks and schedule deliveries when levels are low. ​Air Liquide’s Industrial Gas Services division offers temporary, on-demand bulk nitrogen supply and mobile nitrogen pumping/vaporization units for virtually any industrial application. ​

We provide an array of service options, including variable flow rates up to 12000Nm3/hr, variable temperatures from -195° C to 200° C and variable pressures from 0 to 35 bar.