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ALPHAGAZ™ Pure Gases

Two grades, two levels of purity to meet all of your analytical application needs.

Choosing the right pure gas product for a particular instrument or application can be confusing. Air Liquide has simplified gas selection by reducing the complex and confusing variety of available gas grades down to two levels of purity, ALPHAGAZTM 1 and ALPHAGAZTM 2. Benefits of using ALPHAGAZTM pure gases:

  • Guaranteed low impurity levels protect instrument sensitivity and ensure contamination-free performance
  • Cylinder-to-cylinder consistency with batch number and traceable analytics increases performance reliability
  • All-around functionality minimizes cylinder inventory by eliminating the need for supplemental pure gases
  • Exclusive SMARTOP™ with ON/OFF lever-activated valve and built-in pressure gauge allows you to view valve status and cylinder pressure at a glance
  • Ergonomic and open cap provides added safety during transport and use


ALPHAGAZTM 1, for the accuracy of analysis from % to ppm. Guaranteed low impurity levels, eliminates the guesswork when choosing which grade of pure gas is correct for your application i.e, carrier, purge and zero gases, making ALPHAGAZTM 1 a cost-effective choice for just about any laboratory, analytic, process control and scientific research application.


ALPHAGAZTM 2, for higher accuracy of analysis from ppm to ppb. ALPHAGAZTM 2 provides ultra-high purity for the most critical laboratory, analytic and process control applications. These include petrochemicals for both laboratory and process control, secondary electronics and optoelectronics, scientific research and many others in which guaranteed low impurity levels are essential.



Air Liquide offer a range of specialty gas equipment and services specifically designed to safely and efficiently deliver specialty gases to your point of use.