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Air Liquide’s exclusive ALPHAGAZ™ pure specialty gases with guaranteed low purities for any analytical application.

Choosing the right pure gas product can be confusing. Air Liquide simplifies gas selection by reducing a complex variety of available gas grades down to two levels of purity as represented in our ALPHAGAZ™ product line. ALPHAGAZ™ 1, with guaranteed low impurity levels, is recommended for most laboratory, analytic and process control applications.

ALPHAGAZ™ 2 offers higher purity levels that are well suited for demanding applications that need ultra-high purity. ALPHAGAZ™ 1000 is also available, offering a cryogenic pure gas solution for nitrogen, argon and helium. ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases can be supplied in compressed gas cylinders with our innovative SMARTOP™ valve that simplifies gas handling and improves safety.

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